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To help prepare for the Integration Architect exam, you may want to consider using Integration Architect exam dumps questions. These questions are designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the topics covered on the exam. The more you practice answering Integration Architect dumps questions, the more comfortable you will become with the exam format and the types of questions you can expect to see. Integration Architect dumps can help reduce anxiety on exam day and improve your chances of success. Go and test free Integration Architect exam dumps questions here.

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1. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) leverages Sales Cloud for tracking and managing leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities- Orders and order fulfillment is taken care of by an Order Management System (OMS) in the back-office. When an opportunity has changed it's status to "Closed/Won" and there are products attached, the details should be passed to the OMS for fulfillment operations.

The callout from Salesforce to the OMS should be synchronous.

What should an Integration Architect do to satisfy these requirements?


Which two system constraint questions should be considered when designing an integration to send orders from Salesforce to a fulfillment system? Choose 2 answers

3. A subscription-based media company's system landscape forces many subscribers to maintain multiple accounts and to login more than once. An Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, which supports SAML and OpenId, was recently implemented to improve their subscriber experience through self-registration and Single Sign-On (SSO).

The IAM system must integrate with Salesforceto give new self-service customers instant access to Salesforce Community Cloud.

Which two requirements should the Salesforce Community Cloud support for self-registration and SSO? Choose 2 answers

4. A large enterprise customer operating in a high regulated industry is planning to implement

Salesforce for customer facing associates in both Sales and Service, and back office staff.

The business processes that Salesforce supports are critical to the business.

Salesforce will be integrated to multiple back office systems to provide a single interface for associates. Reliability and monitoring of these integrations is required as associates support customers.

Which integration solution should the architect consider when planning the implementation?

5. An enterprise architect has requested the Salesforce Integration architect to review the following (see diagram & description) and provide recommendations after carefully considering all constraints of the enterprise systems and Salesforce platform limits.

• About 3,000 phone sales agents use a Salesforce Lightning UI concurrently to check eligibility of a customer for a qualifying offer.

• There are multiple eligibility systems that provides this service and are hosted externally. However, their current response times could take up to 90 seconds to process and return (there are discussions to reduce the response times in future, but no commitments are made).

• These eligibility systems can be accessed through APIs orchestrated via ESB (MuleSoft).

• All requests from Salesforce will have to traverse through customer's API Gateway layer and the API Gateway imposes a constraint of timing out requests after 9 seconds.

Which three recommendations should be made? Choose 3 answers


Northern Trail Outfitters is planning to perform nightly batch loads into Salesforce from an external system with a custom Java application using the and the CIO is curious about monitoring recommendations for the jobs from the Technical Architect

Which two recommendations will help meet the requirements? Choose 2 answers

A Write the error response fromthe Bulk API status to a custom error logging object in Salesforce using an Apex trigger and create reports on the object.

B Visually monitor in the Salesforce UI using the "Bulk Data Load Jobs in Salesforce in the setup menu.

C Set the Salesforce debug logs level to "finest" and add the user Id running the job to monitor in the "Debug Logs" in the setup menu.

D Use the getBatchInfo method in the Java application to monitor the status of the jobs from the Java application.

7. A company that is a leading provider of training delivers courses to students globally. The company decided to use customer community in order to allow studer to log in to the community, register for courses and pay course fees. The company has a payment gateway that takes more than 30 seconds to process the payn transaction. Students would like to get the payment result in real-time so in case an error happens, the students can retry the payment process.

What is the recommended integration approach to process payments based on this requirement?

8. A company needs to be able to send data from Salesforce to a homegrown system behind a corporate firewall. The data needs to be pushed only one way and doesn't need to be sent in real time. The average volume is 2 million records per day.

What should an integration architect consider when choosing the right option in building the integration between the external system and Salesforce?

9. Northern Trail Outfitters' (NTO) Salesforce org usually goes through 8k-10k batches a day to synch data from external sources. NTO's Integration Architec has received requirements for a new custom object, FooBarc, for which 90M records willneed to be loaded into the org. Once complete, 20GB (about 30M records) needs to be extracted to an external auditing system.

What should the architect recommend using to meet these requirements in a day?


Universal Containers (UC) currently owns a middleware tool and they have developed an API-led integration architecture with three API tiers. The first tier interfaces directly with the systems of engagement, the second tier implements business logic and aggregates data, while the third tier interfaces directly with systems of record. Some of the systems of engagement will be a mobile application, a web application, and Salesforce.

UC has a business requirement to return data to the systems of engagement in different formats while also enforcing different security protocols.

What should an Integration Architect recommend to meet these requirements?



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