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If you're serious about obtaining the NSE 7 Network Security Architect certification, practicing with Fortinet NSE7_PBC-7.2 dumps questions is a must. By doing so, you'll become familiar with the exam format, identify knowledge gaps, develop time management skills, boost your confidence, and increase your chances of success. So, start practicing NSE7_PBC-7.2 exam dumps today and give yourself the best chance of passing the NSE7_PBC-7.2 exam! Test free Fortinet NSE 7 Public Cloud Security 7.2 (FCSS) NSE7_PBC-7.2 exam dumps below.

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1. Which two attachments are necessary to connect a transit gateway to an existing VPC with BGP? (Choose two)

2. A Network security administrator is searching for a solution to secure traffic going in and out of the container infrastructure.

In which two ways can Fortinet container security help secure container infrastructure? (Choose two.)

3. You must allow an SSH traffic rule in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) network access list (NACL) to allow SSH traffic to travel to a subnetfor temporary testing purposes. When you review the current inbound network ACL rules, you notice that rule number 5 demes SSH and telnet traffic to the subnet

What can you do to allow SSH traffic?

4. Refer to the exhibit

An administrator deployed a FortiGate-VM in a high availability (HA)

(active/passive) architecture in Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Terraform

for testing purposes. At the same time, the administrator deployed a single

Linux server using AWS Marketplace

Which two options are available for the administrator to delete all the resources created in this test? (Choose two.)

A. Use the terraform destroy command

B. Use the terraform validate command.

C. Use the terraform destroy all command.

D. The administrator must manually delete the Linux server.

5. Refer to the exhibit

The exhibit shows a customer deployment of two Linux instances and their main routing table in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The customer also created a Transit Gateway (TGW) and two attachments

Which two steps are required to route traffic from Linux instances to the TGWQ (Choose two.)

6. Refer to the exhibit

A customer has deployed an environment in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is now trying to send outbound traffic from the Linux1 and Linux2 instances to the internet through the security VPC (virtual private cloud). The FortiGate policies are configured to allow all outbound traffic; however, the traffic is not reaching the FortiGate internal interface. Assume there are no issues with the Transit Gateway (TGW) configuration

Which two settings must the customer add to correct the issue? (Choose two.)

7. What are three important steps required to get Terraform ready using Microsoft Azure Cloud Shell? (Choose three.)

8. Your administrator instructed you to deploy an Azure vWAN solution to create a connection between the main company site and branch sites to the other company VNETs.

What are the two best connection solutions available between your company headquarters, branch sites, and the Azure vWAN hub? (Choose two.)

9. What are two main features in Amazon Web Services (AWS) network access control lists (ACLs)? (Choose two.)

10. You are tasked with deploying a FortiGate HA solution in Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Terraform

What are two steps you must take to complete this deployment? (Choose two.)



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