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If you're serious about obtaining the OMG Certification certification, practicing with OMG OMG-OCUP2-ADV300 dumps questions is a must. By doing so, you'll become familiar with the exam format, identify knowledge gaps, develop time management skills, boost your confidence, and increase your chances of success. So, start practicing OMG-OCUP2-ADV300 exam dumps today and give yourself the best chance of passing the OMG-OCUP2-ADV300 exam! Test free OMG Certified UML Professional 2 (OCUP 2) - Advanced Level OMG-OCUP2-ADV300 exam dumps below.

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1. How is the semantics (or the MOF elements represented?

2. In a model of a commercial transaction, actors might exchange euros, pesos, and dollars.

Which figure illustrates compliant use of UML information items for these currency exchanges?

3. Consider the following template Operation:

addElement (e : E)

Which Operation represents a binding of that template Operation?

4. What is a reason for fUML lo be compact?

5. What is a coregion?

A. two Interactions that share the same border

B. two combined fragments that have the same operands

C. a shorthand for a parallel combined fragment on one lifeline

D. the area between two lifelines that communicate

6. Which class sits at the top of the MOF class hierarchy?

7. Which statement is correct about a Decision Node?

8. Choose the correct answer : What is the scope of fUML?

9. Consider the following diagram fragment:

Which diagram fragment correctly specifies task behavior based on task priority?





10. Consider the following modeling scenario:

Which statement is correct about the modeling scenario?



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