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If you're serious about obtaining the Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA) 8 certification, practicing with Pegasystems PEGACPSA88V1 dumps questions is a must. By doing so, you'll become familiar with the exam format, identify knowledge gaps, develop time management skills, boost your confidence, and increase your chances of success. So, start practicing PEGACPSA88V1 exam dumps today and give yourself the best chance of passing the PEGACPSA88V1 exam! Test free Certified Pega System Architect (V8.8) PEGACPSA88V1 exam dumps below.

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1. An event center has a case type that allows customers to book a dining room for events After customers provide basic information and indicate whether they want catering for the event, the following behavior occurs.

• If customers do not ask for catering. they receive a rental rate quote for the dining room

• If customers indicate that they want catering for the event, they must choose a menu before they can receive a quote

Which two options do you use to configure the case type to achieve the requested behavior? (Choose two.)


Select each description on the left and drag it to the correct property mode on the right.

3. Which option follows best practices for naming a ruleset in Pega Platform?

Available Choices (select all choices that are correct)

4. All managers need to view the Employee vacation requests report in their Manager portal dashboards. Only managers have access to this report.

Which configuration do you perform to fulfill these requirements?

Available Choices (select all choices that are correct)

5. n a purchase request case type, you have the following requirement Purchase requests should automatically go to the manager of an employee to meet this requirement, you design a case with a. Available Choices (select all choices that are correct)

6. You are creating a case type to process job applications for a large corporation. Jobapplications for security positions require a physical assessment in addition to the standard criminal background check. The physical assessment can occur before or after the background check.

How do you configure a case type to achieve the required behavior?

7. In the first step in a case type, the user compares data on a form to the data on a customer account. If the data matches, the case is resolved. If the data does not match, the user advances the case to update the account. Management only wants a record of the cases that update an account.

What two configuration options do you use to implement this requirement? (Choose Two)


A developer configures a button with the action set as shown in the below image Place the events in the order they occur.


Select each Process Step Description on the left and drag it to the appropriate Process Step on the right.

10. You create an application for employees to submit timesheets. Employees enter work, vacation, and sick time for a particular week. On the entry form, employees see a summary of the total hours entered. After the employee submits the timesheet, the application displays remaining vacation and sick time for the employee. You configure the user view that displays remaining vacation and sick time. The balance calculates by subtracting the vacation time and sick time for the week from the current vacation and sick time balances.

Which configuration option is used to summarize the remaining vacation and sick time?



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