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If you are looking to take your career in Documentation Integrity Practitioner (CDI) to the next level, the CDIP certification is an excellent option. To prepare for the CDIP exam, you need to have a deep understanding of AHIMA products and how to configure them. The best way to prepare for the exam is by using CDIP exam dumps questions, which give you a better understanding of the format of the exam. This will help you become familiar with the types of questions you can expect on the actual CDIP exam, and it will give you a chance to practice your test-taking skills. Test free online CDIP exam dumps questions below.

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1. The key component of the auditing and monitoring process to ensure provider query response is to

2. A key physician approaches the director of the coding department about the new emphasis associated with clinical documentation integrity (CDI). The physician does not support the program and believes the initiative will encourage inappropriate billing.

How should the director respond to the concerns?

3. Which of the following sources provide external benchmarks to examine the effectiveness of a facility's clinical documentation program?

4. Which of the following should be shared to ensure a clear sense of what clinical documentation integrity (CDI) is and the CDI practitioner's role within the organization?

5. When writing a compliant query, best practice is to

6. Which of the following individuals is the first line of escalation for an unanswered query?

7. A clinical documentation integrity practitioner (CDIP) must determine the present on admission (POA) status of a stage IV sacral decubitus ulcer documented in the discharge summary.

What is the first step that should be taken?

8. Yes/No queries may be used

9. A 27-year-old male patient presents to the emergency room with crampy, right lower quadrant abdominal pain, a low-grade fever (101° Fahrenheit) and vomiting. The patient also has a history of type I diabetes mellitus. A complete blood count reveals mild leukocytosis (13,000/microliter). Abdominal ultrasound is ordered, and the patient is admitted for laparoscopic surgery. The patient is given an injection of neutral protamine Hagedorn insulin, in order to normalize the blood sugar level prior to surgery. Upon discharge, the attending physician documents "right lower quadrant abdominal pain due to possible acute appendicitis or probable Meckel diverticulitis".

What is the proper sequencing of the principal and secondary diagnoses?

10. A hospital is conducting a documentation integrity project for the purpose of reducing indiscriminate use of electronic copy and paste of patient information in records by physicians.

Which data should be used to quantify the extent of the problem?



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