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If you are looking to take your career in SnowPro Core Certification to the next level, the COF-C02 certification is an excellent option. To prepare for the COF-C02 exam, you need to have a deep understanding of Snowflake products and how to configure them. The best way to prepare for the exam is by using COF-C02 exam dumps questions, which give you a better understanding of the format of the exam. This will help you become familiar with the types of questions you can expect on the actual COF-C02 exam, and it will give you a chance to practice your test-taking skills. Test free online COF-C02 exam dumps questions below.

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1. What is a responsibility of Snowflake's virtual warehouses?

2. Which of the following features, associated with Continuous Data Protection (CDP), require additional Snowflake-provided data storage? (Choose two.)

3. What are value types that a VARIANT column can store? (Select TWO)

4. Which Snowflake architectural layer is responsible for a query execution plan?

5. How would a user run a multi-cluster warehouse in maximized mode?

6. Which of the following describes the Snowflake Cloud Services layer?

7. At what levels can a resource monitor be configured? (Select TWO).

8. When cloning a database, what is cloned with the database? (Choose two.)

9. The bulk data load history that is available upon completion of the COPY statement is stored where and for how long?

10. If 3 size Small virtual warehouse is made up of two servers, how many servers make up a Large warehouse?



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