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If you are looking to take your career in HCIA-Datacom to the next level, the H12-811_V1.0-ENU certification is an excellent option. To prepare for the H12-811_V1.0-ENU exam, you need to have a deep understanding of Huawei products and how to configure them. The best way to prepare for the exam is by using H12-811_V1.0-ENU exam dumps questions, which give you a better understanding of the format of the exam. This will help you become familiar with the types of questions you can expect on the actual H12-811_V1.0-ENU exam, and it will give you a chance to practice your test-taking skills. Test free online H12-811_V1.0-ENU exam dumps questions below.

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1. Under the VRP interface, use the command startup saved-configuration backup.cfg to configure the backup.cfg file to be used at the next startup.

2. An ACL of a router has the following rules:

rule deny tcp source destination destination-port eq 21

Which of the following statements is correct?

3. The configuration information of a certain router is shown in the figure, which of the following statements is correct? (Multiple choice)

4. A company has applied for a class C IP address segment, but it needs to be allocated to 6 subsidiaries. The largest subsidiary has 26 computers. Different subsidiaries must be in different network segments. Then the network of the largest subsidiary the subnet mask should be set to?

5. What modes does device link aggregation support? (Multiple choice)

6. Which of the following port numbers is used by network devices running SNMPv2c protocol to send Trap messages to the network management system by default?

7. It is not necessary to write the next hop when writing static routes at both ends of the PPP link, which is required for Ethernet links.

8. The Router-ID of OSPFv3 can be automatically generated by the system.

9. When configuring static routing on a broadcast interface, the next hop address must be specified.

10. In the network shown in the figure below, the ports connected to the host by switch A and switch B belong to VLAN10 and VLAN20 respectively, and the port type connected to the switches is Trunk, and the PVIDs are 10 and 20 respectively. Which of the following statements is correct? (Multiple choice)



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