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The 1V0-31.21 Associate VMware Cloud Management and Automation certification exam is challenging, and it's natural to feel anxious and nervous before taking the exam. Practicing with 1V0-31.21 dumps questions can help alleviate this anxiety by boosting your confidence. As you practice and become more familiar with the exam format and content, you'll feel more confident in your abilities, which can help you perform better on the actual 1V0-31.21 exam. Practicing with 1V0-31.21 questions can increase your chances of success in the certification exam. Practice free Vmware 1V0-31.21 exam dumps below.

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1. An administrator has been tasked with ensuring that all deployments for a development project are automatically shutdown and deleted 30 days after they created in an effort to reclaim unused resources.

Which type of policy should the administrator create to achieve this goal?

2. Which vRealize Network Insight search query is using a nested operator?

3. An administrator is troubleshooting an application via Workbench in vRealize Operations Manager and would like to only view root causes.

Which option must the administrator select?

4. A user would like to automate the update of an already-deployed application that is using a blue-green deployment model ad also minimize downtime for the application.

Which strategy would meet these requirements?

5. A company’s data center is running out of compute resources (CPU and Memory). As a result, the administration team decided to optimize the CPU and memory value assigned to each virtual machine to save some compute resources.

How can the administrators use vRealize Operations Manager to achieve this goal?

6. An administrator has been tasked with onboarding a new public cloud vendor into vRealize Automation so a project can deploy resources to the public cloud.

Which step should the administrator take first?

7. 1.Which two capabilities does vRealize Automation offer? (Choose two.)

8. Which vRealize Operations component should be deployed to a secondary site to ensure vRealize Operations can receive data from an edge vCenter Server?

9. An operator wants to check the health of the vRealize Suite components deployed in a environment.

Which two actions should an operator take in vRealize Operations Manager to accomplish this objective? (Choose two.)

10. An administrator wants to integrate vRealize Automation with the VMware Marketplace to import pre-defined Cloud Templates.

Which integration must the administrator configure?



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