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Passing the AD0-E123 certification exam can be challenging, which is why practicing with AD0-E123 questions can greatly increase your chances of success. Adobe AD0-E123 dumps questions help you become familiar with the exam format. The AD0-E123 questions are designed to mimic the actual exam, which means that you'll get a feel for the types of questions you'll encounter, the difficulty level, and the time limit. All the AD0-E123 exam dumps questions are the latest version for you to study. Test free AD0-E123 exam questions below.

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1. An AEM sites developer is working on the development of a 'Hello World' component and wants to facilitate the mapping of data from the JCR to Java variables.

Which feature should the developer use to provide this facilitation?

2. What is the correct resource type of the configuration node?

3. Given this configuration property:

Which page will be cached on the dispatcher?

4. A developer needs to remove all the selectors from the linkValue.

Assuming linkValue = 'path/page.woo.too.html', which two HTL approaches would be used to complete this task? (Choose two.)

5. A developer must use print-314% in a webpage.

Assuming piValue = -3.14

Which HTL approach would be used?

6. A developer wants to see debug logs for SAML.

Which logger must be created for this purpose?

7. What is the out-of-the-box response of the dispatcher when requesting a URL which is defined as deny in /filter setting of the dispatcher?

8. A developer wants to write a Java service that will serve some data to the custom component.

Which one of the Maven modules is the place to create this service?

9. Which datastore is useful when the datastore is on Network File System (NFS}?

10. A content author has this OSGI component:

How can the content author use the Apache Felix Web OSGi console to disable the servlet?



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