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The Certified Advanced Administrator Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator certification exam is challenging, and it's natural to feel anxious and nervous before taking the exam. Practicing with Certified Advanced Administrator dumps questions can help alleviate this anxiety by boosting your confidence. As you practice and become more familiar with the exam format and content, you'll feel more confident in your abilities, which can help you perform better on the actual Certified Advanced Administrator exam. Practicing with Certified Advanced Administrator questions can increase your chances of success in the certification exam. Practice free Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator exam dumps below.

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1. The recruiting manager at universal containers has requested a new picklist value in the type field on the position object by the end of the week.

If the administrator is unable to complete this request in the desired timeline, what type of access will allow the recruiting manager to make the changes in salesforce?

2. What should an administrator do to keep secure fields protected in email templates'?

3. A user at Universal Containers wants to load records into a custom object named Location from a .csv file. While using Data Loader, they cannot rind the Location object.

What are two reasons this is happening? Choose 2 answers

4. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is expending into the U.K. While most of NTO’s product are the same as in the US. Pricing will vary from product due to shipping and raw material cost differences.

What should the administrator configure for a smooth rollout to the U.K.?

5. DreamHouse Realty currently deals only with single-family homes but is expanding its business it include condos in large cities. There are some features and amenities that inly apply to condos, such as the amount of a deposit and concierge services.

How should an administrator configure the Opportunity object to ensure that only relevant fields are displayed on the record?

How should an administrator configure the Opportunity object to ensure that only relevant fields are displayed on the record?

6. Universal containers would like to ensure that when an opportunity stage is closed lost the reason is captured in a custom reason lost field before the record can be saved.

What is the recommended approach to meet this requirement?

7. A user has pore with read-only permissions for the case object.

How can the user be granted edit permission for cases?

8. Universal containers wants a summary report that displays the percemtage growth of revenue year over year.

What function should an administrator use to calculate this information?

9. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has a private sharing model for records containing a customer's credit Information. These records should be visible to a sales rep's manager but hidden from their colleagues.

How should an administrator adjust NTO's sharing model to ensure the correct amount of confidentiality?

10. Which of the following is NOT true about article types in Salesforce Knowledge? * (1 Point)



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