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The CV0-003 CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Exam certification exam is challenging, and it's natural to feel anxious and nervous before taking the exam. Practicing with CV0-003 dumps questions can help alleviate this anxiety by boosting your confidence. As you practice and become more familiar with the exam format and content, you'll feel more confident in your abilities, which can help you perform better on the actual CV0-003 exam. Practicing with CV0-003 questions can increase your chances of success in the certification exam. Practice free CompTIA CV0-003 exam dumps below.

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1. A development team recently completed testing changes to a company's web-based CMS in the sandbox environment. The cloud administrator deployed these CMS application changes to the staging environment as part of the next phase in the release life cycle. The deployment was successful, but after deploying the CMS application, the web page displays an error message stating the application is unavailable. After reviewing the application logs, the administrator sees an error message that the CMS is unable to connect to the database.

Which of the following is the BEST action for the cloud administrator to perform to resolve the issue?

2. A SAN that holds VM files is running out of storage space.

Which of the following will BEST increase the amount of effective storage on the SAN?

3. A systems administrator is deploying a solution that requires a virtual network in a private cloud environment. The solution design requires the virtual network to transport multiple payload types.

Which of the following network virtualization options would BEST satisfy the requirement?

4. A cloud administrator has deployed several VM instances that are running the same applications on VDI nodes. Users are reporting that a role instance is looping between STARTED, INITIALIZING, BUSY, and stop. Upon investigation, the cloud administrator can see the status changing every few minutes.

Which of the following should be done to resolve the issue?

5. A cloud architect is deploying a web application that contains many large images and will be accessed on two continents.

Which of the following will MOST improve the user experience while keeping costs low?

6. Due to a policy change, a few of a customer’s application VMs have been migrated to synchronously replicated storage. The customer now reports that performance is lower. The systems administrator checks the resource usage and discovers CPU utilization is at 60% and available memory is at 30%.

Which of the following is the MOST likely cause?

7. Users are experiencing slow response times from an intranet website that is hosted on a cloud platform. There is a site-to-site VPN connection to the cloud provider over a link of 100Mbps.

Which of the following solutions will resolve the issue the FASTEST?

8. A systems administrator has migrated an internal application to a public cloud. The new web server is running under a TLS connection and has the same TLS certificate as the internal application that is deployed. However, the IT department reports that only internal users who are using new versions of the OSs are able to load the application home page.

Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

9. A systems administrator is configuring a DNS server.

Which of the following steps should a technician take to ensure confidentiality between the DNS server and an upstream DNS provider?

10. An IaaS application has a two-hour RTO and a four-hour RPO. The application takes one hour to back up its data or restore from a local backup file. A systems administrator is tasked with configuring the backup policy.

Which of the following should the administrator configure to achieve the application requirements with the LEAST cost?



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