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Exam Code: SPLK-1002
Exam Name: Splunk Core Certified Power User
Exam Q&As: 252 Q&As
Last update: June 11, 2024

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SPLK-1002 Splunk Core Certified Power User Exam

SPLK-1002 exam is a required test for Splunk Core Certified Power User Certification. SPLK-1002 exam serves as an introductory certification for users of Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud platform software. It establishes a foundational understanding of these platforms. Real SPLK-1002 exam contains 65 multiple-choice questions, and you have 60 minutes to answer all the questions. The exam price is $130.

Splunk SPLK-1002 Exam Objectives

The Splunk Core Certified Power User SPLK-1002 exam topics cover the following details.

1.0 Using Transforming Commands for Visualizations (5%)

This section focuses on utilizing transforming commands to create visual representations of data. It covers two key commands: the chart command, which helps in summarizing data, and the timechart command, which is used for time-based visualizations.

2.0 Filtering and Formatting Results (10%)

This section delves into the techniques for refining and presenting search results effectively. It encompasses concepts such as the eval command for creating new fields, utilizing search and where commands to filter results, and employing the fillnull command for handling missing values.

3.0 Correlating Events (15%)

This section emphasizes the process of identifying and grouping related events. It covers various techniques including identifying transactions, grouping events using fields, considering time in event grouping, and making informed choices between using transactions and statistics.

4.0 Creating and Managing Fields (10%)

This section focuses on extracting and managing fields from raw data. It introduces techniques like performing regular expression-based field extractions and delimiter-based field extractions using the Field Extractor (FX).

5.0 Creating Field Aliases and Calculated Fields (10%)

This section introduces the concept of field aliases and calculated fields, allowing for enhanced data manipulation. It covers creating, using, and understanding the purposes of field aliases, as well as creating and applying calculated fields.

6.0 Creating Tags and Event Types (10%)

This section explores the organization and categorization of events. It includes creating and employing tags for event classification, understanding event types and their applications, and the process of creating customized event types.

7.0 Creating and Using Macros (10%)

This section delves into the creation and application of macros, which are reusable sets of instructions. It covers understanding macros, creating basic macros, defining arguments and variables for macros, and incorporating arguments into macro usage.

8.0 Creating and Using Workflow Actions (10%)

This section addresses the implementation of workflow actions to streamline processes. It encompasses understanding GET, POST, and Search workflow actions, as well as creating and employing each of them.

9.0 Creating Data Models (10%)

This section introduces data models and their relationship with data pivot. It covers identifying data model attributes and the process of creating a data model to facilitate efficient data analysis.

10.0 Using the Common Information Model (CIM) Add-On (10%)

This section focuses on the Splunk CIM and its significance in normalizing data for consistent analysis. It covers understanding the Splunk CIM, listing knowledge objects within the CIM Add-On, and applying the CIM Add-On for data normalization.

Helpful SPLK-1002 Exam Dumps

To prepare for the SPLK-1002 exam, candidates should focus on practicing with Dumpsinfo SPLK-1002 exam dumps. These questions are designed to simulate the real exam, providing candidates with a better understanding of the types of questions they can expect to see on test day.

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