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Splunk certification is a highly valuable and sought-after certification for IT professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and expertise. SPLK-1002 exam is specifically designed to validate the skills required to configure and maintain the Splunk Core Certified Power User platform, which is widely used by businesses around the world. These SPLK-1002 exam dumps questions are specifically designed to help you prepare for the exam by testing your knowledge and providing you with valuable insights into the types of questions that you will encounter. Test free Splunk SPLK-1002 exam questions below.

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1. Which of the following searches would create a graph similar to the one below?

2. The eval command 'if' function requires the following three arguments (in order):

3. When using the transaction command, how are evicted transactions identified?

4. We can use the rename command to _____ (Select all that apply.)

5. Why would the following search produce multiple transactions instead of one?

6. Which of the following statements would help a user choose between the transaction and stats commands?

7. What will you learn from the results of the following search?

sourcetype=cisco_esa | transaction mid, dcid, icid | timechart avg(duration)

8. What happens when a user edits the regular expression (regex) field extraction generated in the Field Extractor (FX)?

9. The gauge command:

10. Which type of workflow action sends field values to an external resource (e.g. a ticketing system)?



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