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Using Splunk O11y Cloud Certified Metrics User Exam SPLK-4001 questions can help you build confidence as you prepare for the exam. By practicing with these SPLK-4001 dumps questions, you will be better prepared and more confident when you take the actual exam. Besides, SPLK-4001 exam dumps questions cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to the certification exam. By using SPLK-4001 dumps questions, you will be able to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the material covered on the exam. Practice free Splunk SPLK-4001 exam dumps below.

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1. A customer has a very dynamic infrastructure. During every deployment, all existing instances are destroyed, and new ones are created.

Given this deployment model, how should a detector be created that will not send false notifications of instances being down?

2. What is the limit on the number of properties that an MTS can have?

3. What Pod conditions does the Analyzer panel in Kubernetes Navigator monitor? (select all that apply)

4. For a high-resolution metric, what is the highest possible native resolution of the metric?

5. A DevOps engineer wants to determine if the latency their application experiences is growing fester after a new software release a week ago. They have already created two plot lines, A and B, that represent the current latency and the latency a week ago, respectively.

How can the engineer use these two plot lines to determine the rate of change in latency?

6. When writing a detector with a large number of MTS, such as memory. free in a deployment with 30,000 hosts, it is possible to exceed the cap of MTS that can be contained in a single plot.

Which of the choices below would most likely reduce the number of MTS below the plot cap?

7. Which of the following are correct ports for the specified components in the OpenTelemetry Collector?

8. The built-in Kubernetes Navigator includes which of the following?

9. Which of the following statements are true about local data links? (select all that apply)

10. Which of the following are required in the configuration of a data point? (select all that apply)



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