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Using Veeam Certified Engineer 2021 VMCE2021 questions can help you build confidence as you prepare for the exam. By practicing with these VMCE2021 dumps questions, you will be better prepared and more confident when you take the actual exam. Besides, VMCE2021 exam dumps questions cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to the certification exam. By using VMCE2021 dumps questions, you will be able to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the material covered on the exam. Practice free VEEAM VMCE2021 exam dumps below.

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1. Which of the following statements regarding bottleneck statistics is true?

2. Which backup method produces a backup chain that consists of the first full backup file (VBK) and a set of incremental backup files (VIB) following it? Additionally, the backup chain contains synthetic full and/or active full backup files that divide the backup chain into shorter series.

3. Figure A shows the backup files on a Scale-out Backup Repository (SOBR) created by a single Veeam backup job. The SOBR is configured to offload to capacity tier in move mode.

If the offload was completed successfully, what will remain on the performance extents for the files uploaded to the capacity tier?

4. An end user has deleted a business-critical document and they need it back right away.

The IT team has been doing hypervisor-level backups of the VM that the document was on.

What is the fastest option for this backup administrator to get the user’s document back?

5. The advanced installation scenario requires installing the Veeam ONE Server component (server part) on one machine and installing the Veeam ONE Web UI component (client part) on another machine.

6. A company needs several VMware thick provisioned VMs restored. The physical proxies used for restoration have access to the Fibre Channel datastores used by VMware.

Which transport mode will be used by default to restore these VMs?

7. A backup administrator is creating a SureBackup environment up using Hyper-V as the hypervisor.

Which virtual labs are available for Hyper-V? (Choose two.)

8. Veeam is used for replicating VMware VMs. The production environment is comprised of two networks: and A web application requires a database server (whose IP address is to receive queries from a web client (whose IP address is The replicas are spread over multiple hosts. A backup administrator needs to configure a virtual lab to test a web client to database server query.

Which of the following virtual lab types must be configured?

9. Veeam ONE has been installed in the typical data collection mode and historical data is the installation default. A customer is looking at performance charts in Veeam ONE Monitor.

When troubleshooting a performance event from two days ago, what will they see?

10. What are the three Veeam Backup & Replication technologies required to verify recoverability of the backup? (Choose three.)



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