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As new threats and vulnerabilities emerge, the VMCE_v12 exam is updated to reflect the latest trends in VMCE. By using VMCE_v12 exam dumps questions, you can ensure that you're staying up-to-date with the latest exam content and are fully prepared to address new challenges in Veeam Certified Engineer v12. VEEAM VMCE_v12 exam dumps questions can help you optimize your preparation and ensure that you're fully prepared for the exam. Practice free VEEAM VMCE_v12 exam dumps questions below.

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1. When configuring a SureBackup job, what are some of the criteria for adding servers to an application group? (Choose two.)

2. Which of the following is the extension of a Veeam Backup & Repletion configuration backup file?

3. The advanced installation scenario requires installing the Veeam ONE Server component (server part) on one machine and installing the Veeam ONE Web UI component (client part) on another machine.

4. Which of the following are valid backup locations for a licensed version of the Veeam Agent forMacOSt (Choose 2)?

5. To view current information about the entire Veeam backup Infrastructure, including alarms and the status of jobs, use Veeam ONE'S___________________.

6. A company has replicated their critical application VMs to a second data center in another region. Their key application includes two database VMs and three application VMs. For proper operation, the database VMs need to start before the application VMs.

What needs to be configured in Veeam to prepare for a disaster

recovery situation?

7. A scale-out backup repository is configured with data locality policy.

How is an extent selected during an active full backup? (Choose two.)

8. Which HPE SAN storage systems are supported by the Backup from Storage Snapshots feature in Veeam Backup & Replication? Choose three options.

9. 15 VMs are running on a Hyper-V platform and five physical servers at a remote office (ROBO). The administrator has been tasked with setting up centralized off-site backups at the headquarters (HQ). The available bandwidth is 50 Mbps. RPO is set to six hours and the data generated for the interval is 500 GB. WAN accelerators can be added if necessary.

Which of the following will achieve the RPO?

10. Which transport mode uses the VMware vSphere Hot-Add feature to attach the virtual disks of a source VM to the backup proxy VM?



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