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Cloud-Digital-Leader exam dumps questions are designed to simulate the actual exam. This means that you will get a feel for the types of questions you can expect to see on the exam, as well as the format and difficulty level. In addition, Google Cloud Certified Cloud-Digital-Leader dumps are often accompanied by detailed explanations and answers. This means that if you get a question wrong, you can learn from your mistake and understand why the correct answer is the right one. Test free online Cloud-Digital-Leader exam dumps below.

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1. A large travel company has thus far invested heavily in their technology team. There is strategic pressure on the company to focus on their core business and innovate to survive in certain geographies and thrive in others. They are evaluating whether a move to Google Cloud will be good for them.

Which of these reasons would be relevant for them? (choose two answer)

2. Your organization runs all its workloads on Compute Engine virtual machine instances. Your organization has a security requirement: the virtual machines are not allowed to access the public internet. The workloads running on those virtual machines need to access BigQuery and Cloud Storage, using their publicly accessible interfaces, without violating the security requirement.

Which Google Cloud product or feature should your organization use?

3. Your company needs to segment Google Cloud resources used by each team from the others. The teams’ efforts are changing frequently, and you need to reduce operational risk and maintain cost visibility.

Which approach does Google recommend?

4. A bank wants to track the success of their existing ATM network, which has been modernized with APIs to instantly notify customers about their transfers.

What is the benefit of using Apigee to achieve this goal?

5. 1.You are migrating workloads to the cloud. The goal of the migration is to serve customers worldwide

as quickly as possible According to local regulations, certain data is required to be stored in a specific

geographic area, and it can be served worldwide. You need to design the architecture and

deployment for your workloads.

What should you do?

6. You want to build an application that will allow customers to register and login. It would be great to have the ability to secure it with multi-factor authentication and the ability to reset credentials. As a small startup, you want to build the main application as quickly as possible and have minimum overhead.

Which might be a suitable option for you on Google Cloud?

7. What type of cloud computing service provides raw compute, storage, and network, organized in ways that are familiar to physical data centers?

8. An organization needs to run frequent updates for their business app.

Why should the organization use Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)?

9. An organization needs frequent access to only a subset of their data. They want to reduce costs by depositing the rest of their data across Nearline Coldlme and Archive repositories

Which Google Cloud product should the organization use?

10. Which of the following NIST Cloud characteristics uses the business model of shared re-sources in a cloud environment?



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