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Practicing with NSK101 questions can help you identify areas where you need to improve your knowledge. By answering NSK101 questions and reviewing your responses, you can identify gaps in your understanding and focus your study efforts on those areas. The NSK101 exam has a strict time limit, and you need to manage your time effectively to answer all the questions. Practicing with Netskope NSK101 dumps questions can help you develop time management skills by simulating the exam's time constraints. You'll learn how to pace yourself, manage your time effectively, and ensure that you complete the NSK101 exam within the allotted time. Test Netskope NSK101 exam free dumps below.

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1. You have an issue with the Netskope client connecting to the tenant.

In this scenario, what are two ways to collect the logs from the client machine? (Choose two.)

2. What are two use cases for Netskope's DLP solution? (Choose two.)

3. You are working with a large retail chain and have concerns about their customer data. You want to protect customer credit card data so that it is never exposed in transit or at rest.

In this scenario, which regulatory compliance standard should be used to govern this data?

4. A customer wants to detect misconfigurations in their AWS cloud instances.

In this scenario, which Netskope feature would you recommend to the customer?

5. You are deploying TLS support for real-time Web and SaaS transactions.

What are two secure implementation methods in this scenario? (Choose two.)

6. Exhibit

A user is connected to a cloud application through Netskope's proxy.

In this scenario, what information is available at Skope IT? (Choose three.)

7. Your company asks you to obtain a detailed list of all events from the last 24 hours for a specific user.

In this scenario, what are two methods to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

8. You are required to mitigate malicious scripts from being downloaded into your corporate devices every time a user goes to a website. Users need to access websites from a variety of categories, including new websites.

Which two actions would help you accomplish this task while allowing the user to work? (Choose two.)

9. Which three statements are correct about Netskope's NewEdge Security Cloud Network Infrastructure? (Choose three.)

10. Which two traffic steering configurations are supported by Netskope? (Choose two.)



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