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To help prepare for the NSK200 exam, you may want to consider using NSK200 exam dumps questions. These questions are designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the topics covered on the exam. The more you practice answering NSK200 dumps questions, the more comfortable you will become with the exam format and the types of questions you can expect to see. NSK200 dumps can help reduce anxiety on exam day and improve your chances of success. Go and test free NSK200 exam dumps questions here.

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1. Your company needs to keep quarantined files that have been triggered by a DLP policy. In this scenario, which statement Is true?

2. You are troubleshooting an issue with Microsoft where some users complain about an issue accessing OneDrive and SharePoint Online. The configuration has the Netskope client deployed and active for most users, but some Linux machines are routed to Netskope using GRE tunnels. You need to disable inspection for all users to begin troubleshooting the issue.

In this scenario, how would you accomplish this task?

3. You are having issues with fetching user and group Information periodically from the domain controller and posting that information to your tenant instance in the Netskope cloud.

To begin the troubleshooting process, what would you Investigate first in this situation?

4. Which statement describes a requirement for deploying a Netskope Private Application (NPA) Publisher?

5. You are comparing the behavior of Netskope's Real-time Protection policies to API Data Protection policies.

In this Instance, which statement is correct?

6. You are creating an API token to allow a DevSecOps engineer to create and update a URL list using REST API v2.

In this scenario, which privilege(s) do you need to create in the API token?

7. Your company has a Symantec BlueCoat proxy on-premises and you want to deploy Netskope using proxy chaining.

Which two prerequisites need to be enabled first in this scenario? (Choose two.)

8. Your company has Microsoft Azure ADFS set up as the Identity Provider (idP). You need to deploy the Netskope client to all company users on Windows laptops without user intervention.

In this scenario, which two deployment options would you use? (Choose two.)

9. Your customer is concerned about malware in their AWS S3 buckets.

What two actions would help with this scenario? (Choose two.)

10. Your customer implements Netskope Secure Web Gateway to secure all Web traffic. While they have created policies to block certain categories, there are many new sites available dally that are not yet categorized. The customer's users need quick access and cannot wait to put in a request to gain access requiring a policy change or have the site's category changed.

To solve this problem, which Netskope feature would provide quick, safe access to these types of sites?



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