Navigating the Enhanced Dell Technologies Proven Professional Certification Program: Your Ultimate FAQ Guide



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Dell Technologies Proven Professional Certification Program is gearing up to align with the swiftly evolving IT landscape. The revamped framework introduces a dual focus on skill and outcome-based solution certifications. Departing from role-aligned to skill-based certifications, it simplifies the certification journey and offers learners increased flexibility to build a personalized portfolio based on individual needs. The program is set to launch in phases, commencing with Achievement, Skill Certifications, and Solution Certifications in February 2023.

  1. What drives the change in the Proven Professional Certification Program?

The program is evolving to uphold Dell Technologies' leadership in training and certification. These changes are strategically designed to offer essential Education Services, aligning with the dynamic IT industry. The goal is to foster more productive teams and empower organizations to achieve enhanced business performance.

  1. What are the benefits for customers?

The program's objectives encompass validating essential skills, maximizing investments in Dell products and solutions, collaborating with partners like Microsoft and VMware, and enhancing capabilities through hands-on skills validation. Customers gain the advantage of accelerating the adoption of new technologies and boosting workforce productivity across diverse industry verticals.

  1. How are certification names changing?

While the Dell Technologies Proven Professional name remains unchanged, legacy certifications (Associate, Specialist, and Expert) are being phased out. The new framework introduces certification names such as Achievement (online, Dell skills validation), Skill Certification (proctored, Dell and industry-aligned skills validation), and Solution Certification (outcome-based, validated technical knowledge and expertise of processes).

  1. Are current certifications still valid?

The majority of Dell Technologies Proven Professional certifications do not expire and will maintain their validity. Some certifications achieved in 2022/2023 may be automatically granted the corresponding new skill certification, emphasizing the program's focus on foundational knowledge, skills, and solution-driven outcomes.

  1. How do I schedule certification exams?

Certification exams, whether legacy or new framework, can still be scheduled through PearsonVUE. Onsite Test Centers and OnVUE online proctoring options remain available.

  1. Are free practice exams and Exam Prep videos still available?

Yes, the program continues to provide free practice exams for both legacy and new framework certification exams. Exam Prep videos remain accessible on the Exam Preparation Resources page.

  1. Has the exam voucher purchase process changed?

No, the process for purchasing exam vouchers remains consistent. Vouchers can be acquired on the Education storefront using Dell Training Credits or through collaboration with an Education Services Account Manager.

The ongoing transformation of the Dell Technologies Proven Professional Certification Program underscores a commitment to delivering a more relevant and streamlined certification experience. As the program adapts, its aim is to empower individuals to excel in the ever-changing IT landscape and contribute significantly to the success of their organizations. For additional information, visit the Proven Professional section of the Dell website or reach out to Proven Professional Support.


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