New Dell Technologies Exams Available Online



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Many new Dell Technologies exams are available to take. If you are planning to become Dell experts, please pay more attention to the following new exams.

D-SF-A-24 Dell Security Foundations Achievement
D-OME-OE-A-24 Dell OpenManage Operate Achievement
D-RP-OE-A-24 Dell RecoverPoint Operate Achievement
D-RP-DY-A-24 Dell RecoverPoint Deploy Achievement
D-PST-MN-A-24 Dell PowerStore Maintenance Achievement
D-XTR-DY-A-24 Dell XtremIO Deploy Achievement
D-XTR-MN-A-24 Dell XtremIO Maintenance Achievement
D-XTR-OE-A-24 Dell XtremIO Operate Achievement
D-VPX-OE-A-24 Dell VPLEX Operate Achievement
D-XTR-DS-A-24 Dell XtremIO Design Achievement
D-VXB-DY-A-24 Dell VxBlock Deploy Achievement
D-VPX-DY-A-24 Dell VPLEX Deploy Achievement
D-PVM-DS-23 Dell PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions Design 2023
D-PVM-OE-23 Dell PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions Operate 2023
D-NWR-DY-23 Dell NetWorker Deploy 2023
D-ISM-FN-23 Dell Information Storage and Management Foundations 2023
D-AA-OP-23 Dell Data Scientist Advanced Analytics Optimize 2023
D-DS-OP-23 Dell Data Scientist and Data Engineering Optimize 2023
D-DS-FN-23 Dell Data Scientist and Big Data Analytics Foundations 2023
D-AV-DY-23 Dell Avamar Deploy 2023
D-AV-OE-23 Dell Avamar Operate 2023
D-DP-FN-23 Dell Data Protection and Management Foundations 2023
D-CIS-FN-23 Dell Cloud Infrastructure and Services Foundations 2023
D-CI-DS-23 Dell Cloud Infrastructure Design 2023
D-CS-DS-23 Dell Cloud Services Design 2023


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