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The OmniStudio Consultant exam is hot, and passing it requires a deep understanding of Salesforce solutions. Practicing with Salesforce OmniStudio Consultant dumps questions can help you reinforce your knowledge and increase your chances of passing the exam. OmniStudio Consultant dumps are available to help you prepare for the OmniStudio Consultant exam. Using OmniStudio Consultant exam dumps questions is one effective way to supplement your study plan and increase your chances of success on exam day. Test free Salesforce Consultant OmniStudio Consultant exam dumps below.

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1. The design team creates a mock-up proposal of an OmniScript for sales that includes more than 25 steps. Th consultant reviews the proposal and sees that the OmniScript will be used for three different and complex sal processes: change of plan, new sale, and loyalty. The user will select the type of sale at the beginning of the interaction, and then the OmniScript will branch into either change of plan, new sales, or loyalty processes. E process will contain multiple decision points for the user.

Following best practices, what should the consultant recommend to improve the planned design of this OmniScript?

2. When designing OmniScripts, which three best practices should consultants recommend to increase user adoption? Choose 3 answers

3. A business implements a simple OmniScript in their call center that allows agents to quickly create a case when on the phone with customers. The OmniScript has been running successfully in the call center for over a year. The business decides it wants to allow partners to create cases directly from their Community portal.

What is the most efficient solution that the consultant can propose to meet this new requirement?

4. A business plans to implement new tools for their call center agents to increase efficiency and improve customer experience. The business needs to reduce new agent ramp-up time.

During the discovery phase of the project, the business identifies the following requirements for the project:

• Easy access to frequent processes

• "At a glance" dashboards of customer information

• Lists of customer bills, which are stored on an external system

Which two FlexCard benefits should the consultant highlight when presenting a proposed solution? Choose 2 answers

5. What is the purpose of Step elements in OmniScript?

6. A company wants to create a new digital interaction process that allows customers to request a quote for service from a local retail energy supplier. The process requires the following actions:

• Allow the user to select one or more energy products from a list

• Get current energy usage data from an external system via an API

• Save the data back to Salesforce as a lead

Which three OmniScript elements should the consultant recommend to meet these requirements? Choose 3 answers

7. A company has a requirement to create a 360° view of their customers using FlexCards. At this company, customer data is stored in Salesforce but also in external legacy systems. A consultant reviews the use cases needed and recommends a FlexCard canvas that contains 5 child FlexCards inside the state of the parent FlexCard.

How many different data sources can be configured using FlexCards in this scenario?

8. A company is creating a FlexCard for agents to respond to account inquiries. The company has decided to lim actions on the card to the three most frequent and important actions users typically take.

Based on the user analysis exhibit shown below, which three actions should appear on the card? Choose 3 answers

9. A business needs to create a FlexCard to display open cases for an account. The cases should display different depending on their priority.

• Low or Medium priority cases should display case data and an Update Account Info action.

• High priority cases should include a red border, an alert notification, and an Escalate action.

What is the most efficient way to meet these requirements?

10. A business implements several OmniScripts and requests a design review to identify possible improvements. During the review, the consultant notices that each OmniScript needs to update address data, but each OmniScript collects the information differently using different labels and input elements.

What can the consultant recommend to improve these OmniScripts?



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