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If you are serious about passing your Amazon SOA-C02 certification exam, practicing with SOA-C02 dumps questions is an essential step in your preparation process. These SOA-C02 dumps will help you assess your knowledge, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and improve your chances of passing the exam on the first try. So why wait? Start practicing today and give yourself the best possible chance of success! Test free SOA-C02 exam dumps questions below.

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1. A Sysops administrator launches an Amazon EC2 instance from a Windows Amazon Machine Image (AMI). The EC2 instance includes additional Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes. When the instance is launched, none of the additional Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes are initialized and ready for use through a drive letter. The SysOps administrator needs to automate the EBS volume initialization.

Which solution will meet these requirements in the MOST operationally efficient way?

2. A company hosts a web application on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). The company uses Amazon Route 53 to route traffic.

The company also has a static website that is configured in an Amazon S3 bucket.

A SysOps administrator must use the static website as a backup to the web application. The failover to the static website must be fully automated.

Which combination of actions will meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

3. A company needs to upload gigabytes of files every day. The company need to achieve higher throughput and upload speeds to Amazon S3.

Which action should a SysOps administrator take to meet this requirement?

4. A company maintains a large set of sensitive data in an Amazon S3 bucket. The company's security team asks a SyeOps administrator to help verify that all current objects in the S3 bucket are encrypted.

What is the MOST operationally efficient solution that meets these requirements?

5. An application runs on multiple Amazon EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group The Auto Scaling group is configured to use the latest version of a launch template A SysOps administrator must devise a solution that centrally manages the application logs and retains the logs for no more than 90 days

Which solution will meet these requirements?

6. A software company runs a workload on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB) A SysOcs administrator needs to define a custom health check for the EC2 instances.

What is the MOST operationally efficient solution?

7. A company hosts several write-intensive applications. These applications use a MySQL database that runs on a single Amazon EC2 instance. The company asks a SysOps administrator to implement a highly available database solution that is ideal for multi-tenant workloads.

Which solution should the SysOps administrator implement to meet these requirements?

8. While setting up an AWS managed VPN connection, a SysOps administrator creates a customer gateway resource in AWS The customer gateway device resides in a data center with a NAT gateway in front of it

What address should be used to create the customer gateway resource?

9. An application uses an Amazon Aurora MySQL DB cluster that Includes one Aurora Replica The application's read performance degrades when there are more than 200 user connections. The number of user connections is approximately 180 on a consistent basis Occasionally, the number of user connections increases rapidly to more than 200

A SysOps administrator must implement a solution that will scale the application automatically as user demand increases or decreases.

Which solution will meet these requirements?

10. A company uses AWS Cloud Formation templates to deploy cloud infrastructure. An analysis of all the company's templates shows that the company has declared the same components in multiple templates. A SysOps administrator needs to create dedicated templates that have their own parameters and conditions for these common components.

Which solution will meet this requirement?



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