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Practicing with AWS Certification MLS-C01 exam dumps questions can help you build confidence and reduce exam anxiety. By familiarizing yourself with the types of questions you can expect to see on the MLS-C01 AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty exam and mastering the concepts and skills required to answer them, you can approach the exam with greater confidence and a sense of calm. Besides, MLS-C01 dumps questions can help you achieve this level of knowledge and confidence. Study free Amazon MLS-C01 exam dumps below.

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1. A manufacturing company has structured and unstructured data stored in an Amazon S3 bucket A Machine Learning Specialist wants to use SQL to run queries on this data.

Which solution requires the LEAST effort to be able to query this data?

2. A manufacturing company asks its Machine Learning Specialist to develop a model that classifies defective parts into one of eight defect types. The company has provided roughly 100000 images per defect type for training During the injial training of the image classification model the Specialist notices that the validation accuracy is 80%, while the training accuracy is 90% It is known that human-level performance for this type of image classification is around 90%.

What should the Specialist consider to fix this issue1?

3. A pharmaceutical company performs periodic audits of clinical trial sites to quickly resolve critical findings. The company stores audit documents in text format. Auditors have requested help from a data science team to quickly analyze the documents. The auditors need to discover the 10 main topics within the documents to prioritize and distribute the review work among the auditing team members. Documents that describe adverse events must receive the highest priority.

A data scientist will use statistical modeling to discover abstract topics and to provide a list of the top words for each category to help the auditors assess the relevance of the topic.

Which algorithms are best suited to this scenario? (Choose two.)

4. A medical device company is building a machine learning (ML) model to predict the likelihood of device recall based on customer data that the company collects from a plain text survey. One of the survey questions asks which medications the customer is taking. The data for this field contains the names of medications that customers enter manually. Customers misspell some of the medication names. The column that contains the medication name data gives a categorical feature with high cardinality but redundancy.

What is the MOST effective way to encode this categorical feature into a numeric feature?

5. A Machine Learning Specialist is designing a system for improving sales for a company. The objective is to use the large amount of information the company has on users' behavior and product preferences to predict which products users would like based on the users' similarity to other users.

What should the Specialist do to meet this objective?

6. A Machine Learning Specialist is building a convolutional neural network (CNN) that will classify 10 types of animals. The Specialist has built a series of layers in a neural network that will take an input image of an animal, pass it through a series of convolutional and pooling layers, and then finally pass it through a dense and fully connected layer with 10 nodes. The Specialist would like to get an output from the neural network that is a probability distribution of how likely it is that the input image belongs to each of the 10 classes

Which function will produce the desired output?

7. A data scientist is using an Amazon SageMaker notebook instance and needs to securely access data stored in a specific Amazon S3 bucket.

How should the data scientist accomplish this?

8. A company operates large cranes at a busy port. The company plans to use machine learning (ML) for predictive maintenance of the cranes to avoid unexpected breakdowns and to improve productivity. The company already uses sensor data from each crane to monitor the health of the cranes in real time. The sensor data includes rotation speed, tension, energy consumption, vibration, pressure, and …perature for each crane. The company contracts AWS ML experts to implement an ML solution.

Which potential findings would indicate that an ML-based solution is suitable for this scenario? (Select TWO.)

9. A company has an ecommerce website with a product recommendation engine built in TensorFlow. The recommendation engine endpoint is hosted by Amazon SageMaker. Three compute-optimized instances support the expected peak load of the website.

Response times on the product recommendation page are increasing at the beginning of each month. Some users are encountering errors. The website receives the majority of its traffic between 8 AM and 6 PM on weekdays in a single time zone.

Which of the following options are the MOST effective in solving the issue while keeping costs to a minimum? (Choose two.)

10. A Machine Learning Specialist is building a model that will perform time series forecasting using Amazon SageMaker. The Specialist has finished training the model and is now planning to perform load testing on the endpoint so they can configure Auto Scaling for the model variant

Which approach will allow the Specialist to review the latency, memory utilization, and CPU utilization during the load test"?



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