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Practicing with AWS Certification MLS-C01 exam dumps questions can help you build confidence and reduce exam anxiety. By familiarizing yourself with the types of questions you can expect to see on the MLS-C01 AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty exam and mastering the concepts and skills required to answer them, you can approach the exam with greater confidence and a sense of calm. Besides, MLS-C01 dumps questions can help you achieve this level of knowledge and confidence. Study free Amazon MLS-C01 exam dumps below.

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1. A gaming company has launched an online game where people can start playing for free but they need to pay if they choose to use certain features The company needs to build an automated system to predict whether or not a new user will become a paid user within 1 year The company has gathered a labeled dataset from 1 million users

The training dataset consists of 1.000 positive samples (from users who ended up paying within 1 year) and 999.000 negative samples (from users who did not use any paid features) Each data sample consists of 200 features including user age, device, location, and play patterns Using this dataset for training, the Data Science team trained a random forest model that converged with over 99% accuracy on the training set However, the prediction results on a test dataset were not satisfactory.

Which of the following approaches should the Data Science team take to mitigate this issue? (Select TWO.)

2. A company sells thousands of products on a public website and wants to automatically identify products with potential durability problems. The company has 1.000 reviews with date, star rating, review text, review summary, and customer email fields, but many reviews are incomplete and have empty fields. Each review has already been labeled with the correct durability result.

A machine learning specialist must train a model to identify reviews expressing concerns over product durability. The first model needs to be trained and ready to review in 2 days.

What is the MOST direct approach to solve this problem within 2 days?

3. A city wants to monitor its air quality to address the consequences of air pollution A Machine Learning Specialist needs to forecast the air quality in parts per million of contaminates for the next 2 days in the city as this is a prototype, only daily data from the last year is available.

Which model is MOST likely to provide the best results in Amazon SageMaker?

4. An ecommerce company wants to use machine learning (ML) to monitor fraudulent transactions on its website. The company is using Amazon SageMaker to research, train, deploy, and monitor the ML models.

The historical transactions data is in a .csv file that is stored in Amazon S3 The data contains features such as the user's IP address, navigation time, average time on each page, and the number of clicks for ....session. There is no label in the data to indicate if a transaction is anomalous.

Which models should the company use in combination to detect anomalous transactions? (Select TWO.)

5. A financial company is trying to detect credit card fraud. The company observed that, on average, 2% of credit card transactions were fraudulent. A data scientist trained a classifier on a year's worth of credit card transactions data. The model needs to identify the fraudulent transactions (positives) from the regular ones (negatives). The company's goal is to accurately capture as many positives as possible.

Which metrics should the data scientist use to optimize the model? (Choose two.)

6. A Data Scientist is building a linear regression model and will use resulting p-values to evaluate the statistical significance of each coefficient. Upon inspection of the dataset, the Data Scientist discovers that most of the features are normally distributed. The plot of one feature in the dataset is shown in the graphic.

What transformation should the Data Scientist apply to satisfy the statistical assumptions of the linear

regression model?

7. A company is using Amazon Textract to extract textual data from thousands of scanned text-heavy legal documents daily. The company uses this information to process loan applications automatically. Some of the documents fail business validation and are returned to human reviewers, who investigate the errors. This activity increases the time to process the loan applications.

What should the company do to reduce the processing time of loan applications?

8. A retail company wants to combine its customer orders with the product description data from its product catalog. The structure and format of the records in each dataset is different. A data analyst tried to use a spreadsheet to combine the datasets, but the effort resulted in duplicate records and records that were not properly combined. The company needs a solution that it can use to combine similar records from the two datasets and remove any duplicates.

Which solution will meet these requirements?

9. A data scientist is building a forecasting model for a retail company by using the most recent 5 years of sales records that are stored in a data warehouse. The dataset contains sales records for each of the company's stores across five commercial regions The data scientist creates a working dataset with StorelD. Region. Date, and Sales Amount as columns. The data scientist wants to analyze yearly average sales for each region. The scientist also wants to compare how each region performed compared to average sales across all commercial regions.

Which visualization will help the data scientist better understand the data trend?

10. A Machine Learning Specialist is designing a system for improving sales for a company. The objective is to use the large amount of information the company has on users' behavior and product preferences to predict which products users would like based on the users' similarity to other users.

What should the Specialist do to meet this objective?



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