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B2B Solution Architect dumps questions can help you identify areas where you need to focus your studies. As you answer questions, you will be able to see which topics you are comfortable with and which ones you need to spend more time studying. Salesforce B2B Solution Architect dumps questions provide realistic practice for the certification exam. B2B Solution Architect dumps are designed to simulate the actual exam environment, and they will give you a chance to practice answering questions under time pressure. Study free Salesforce B2B Solution Architect online dumps below.

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1. Universal Containers (UC) has implemented a new ecommerce site for its resellers. UC is leveraging a multi-cloud architecture, B2B Commerce, for building the storefront and Service Cloud Web2Case for offering case management functionality to its resellers. UC notices that the case volume is extremely high and a number of resellers are raising cases for trivial issues on the B2B Commerce site.

Which two recommendations should a Solution Architect make to help resellers use the site more efficiently and lower the case volume? Choose 2 answers

2. Universal Containers (UC) uses Salesforce Sales Cloud to track Opportunities, Quotes, and Orders and is interested in offering self-service capability to its customers via an Experience Cloud site. Most products that UC offers are relatively simple, but some are complex and need to be configured and reviewed by a sales representative before an order can be officially placed. The CIO is concerned about the time to market and would like to see two options to address UC's need.

Which two options should a Solution Architect recommend and present to UC? Choose 2 answers

3. At Custom Cabinets LLC, the service appointments often span over multiple days bot are 2 to 4 hours in duration per day. The company would like to optimize the service resource's day and have them see as many customers as possible. Additionally, Custom Cabinets LLC would like a customer service representative to follow up with the customer once the field work has been completed.

Which approach should the Solution Architect take to meet these requirements?

4. Universal Containers (UC) is undergoing a multi-year digital transformation across its Sales, Marketing, Fulfillment, and Accounting channels. Based on UC's initial success using MuleSoft's API-led approach as its integration strategy, UC chose Salesforce for its transformation. The Solution Architect assigned to the project has just begun pre-planning for the first phase with UC's Implementation team.

Which document should the Solution Architect ask for to get an overview of the customer's current infrastructure so they can begin the first phase of the digital transformation?

5. Universal Containers (UC) is undergoing a full digital transformation and has chosen Salesforce as one of the main components. UC will use Sales Cloud for online activities, CPQ for quote generation and renewals. B2B Commerce for online orders through its partnerships and vendors, an external ERP for fulfillment and invoicing, and Marketing Cloud for customer outreach. UC wants to create fluidity between the entire application landscape, and an integration between systems is required.

The application is expected to be able to generate an order based on any of the channels outlined above, and be utilized in UC's outreach to its customers.

Where should a Solution Architect recommend the system of record (SOR) be for all orders going forward?

6. Universal Containers (UC) is about to start a massive digital transformation project across multiple service channels. UC plans on using Service Cloud, Omni-Channel, chatbots, Knowledge, and Einstein AI throughout all the service capabilities. Before discovery can start, the key stakeholder would like to see the automated chat capabilities in action. They currently use a third-party Knowledge Base and are wondering what is the value of it over Salesforce Knowledge. They believe it will be chatbots but they are unsure.

What is one of the key benefits the Solution Architect should address within the context of the demo?

7. A Solution Architect has gathered requirements from discovery with Northern Trail Hot Tubs below:

• Northern Trail Hot Tubs sells through a B2B2C model with Dealers.

• Northern Trail Hot Tubs tracks Dealer Opportunities in Salesforce, but wishes to have more insight into the sales process from its Dealers.

• Dealers would like to be able to get custom Hot Tub pricing quickly from Northern Trail Hot Tubs without having to wait for configuration estimates to come back from Northern Trail Hot Tubs.

• Northern Trail Hot Tubs supports its Dealers and Customers directly, and Dealers would like better insight into support that their Customers receive.

Which capabilities should a Solution Architect suggest to provide to Northern Trail Hot Tub Dealers?

8. Universal Containers (UC) wants to ensure its field technicians are interacting with customers in a professional manner. The sales department already uses a third-party survey tool.

Which action should a Solution Architect recommend for UC to enab4e service managers to track customer satisfaction based on the technician and the job?

9. Northern Trail Outfitters (WO) is transforming its service experience. NTO has created a RACI matrix to understand the key stakeholders' responsibilities for activities and decisions during a Salesforce Field Service discovery workshop.

Which three NTO stakeholders should a Solution Architect recommend be defined as Consulted during the discovery workshop? Choose 3 answers

10. Ohana Cirrus (OC) has around 1,500 support agents working in its global support center operating 24/7 across multiple channels. This center handles around 30,000 cases per day. OC currently uses a custom-developed solution to manage customer complaints and is planning to replace it with a new Salesforce solution. The current system contains more than 250 million records including some still being processed.

Which three recommendations should a Solution Architect suggest to migrate to the new application in the most efficient manner? Choose 3 answers



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