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If you're serious about obtaining the CCNP Enterprise certification, practicing with Cisco 300-420 dumps questions is a must. By doing so, you'll become familiar with the exam format, identify knowledge gaps, develop time management skills, boost your confidence, and increase your chances of success. So, start practicing 300-420 exam dumps today and give yourself the best chance of passing the 300-420 exam! Test free Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENSLD) 300-420 exam dumps below.

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Drag and drop the types of WAN connectivity from the left onto the connectivity use cases

on the right.

2. Prior to establishing full-mesh iPsec tunnels in a typical Cisco SD-WAN deployment, which mechanism do WAN Edge routers use to exchange Key information for data plane encryption?

3. Refer to the exhibit.

An architect must design a solution to connect the network behind R3 with the EIGRP network.

Which mechanism should be included to avoid routing loops?

4. An engineer must design a multicast network for a financial application. Most of the multicast sources also receive multicast traffic (many-to-many deployment model). To better scale routing tables, the design must not use source trees.

Which multicast protocol satisfies these requirements?


Drag and drop the properties from the left onto the Cisco SD-WAN components that perform them on the right.

6. An architect must address sustained congestion on the access and distribution uplink of network. QoS has already been implemented and optimized, but it is no longer effective in ensuring optimal network performance.

Which two solutions should the architect use to improver network performance? (Choose two)

7. Refer to the exhibit.

An architect must design a solution to connect bank site A with bank site B and support:

✑ network operation center monitoring end-to-end L3VPN and L2VPN traffic

✑ company adding thousands of routes in the next two years

Which two BGP solutions must the design include? (Choose two.)

8. An engineer must design a solution to provide backup connectivity between two sites. The engineer plans to use an Internet connection but company policy requires the connection to be encrypted. Additionally, there are several applications that utilize multicast to deliver video streams between the sites.

Which technology should the design include?

9. How do IETF. OpenConfig and Cisco nativo YANG models differ when used to configuro the same feature on an infrastructure device?

10. Refer to the exhibit.

An architect is designing a hierarchical ISIS solution for a customer with these requirements:

✑ Routers will double In all areas within the next 24 months.

✑ Link flaps within areas 20 and 30 must not impact the backbone area.

✑ Traffic originating from A201 and A302 routers must connect to application servers in the backbone.

Which design must the architect select?



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