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If you're serious about obtaining the Integration Architecture Designer Certification certification, practicing with Salesforce Integration Architecture Designer dumps questions is a must. By doing so, you'll become familiar with the exam format, identify knowledge gaps, develop time management skills, boost your confidence, and increase your chances of success. So, start practicing Integration Architecture Designer exam dumps today and give yourself the best chance of passing the Integration Architecture Designer exam! Test free Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer Integration Architecture Designer exam dumps below.

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1. Universal Containers is using the enterprise WSDL to integrate their financial system to salesforce, while reading y=the release notes for the upcoming salesforce release the architect discovers a new object will be added to the salesforce data model that would be beneficial for the financial system integration.

What two actions should the architect take to ensure the new object will be available to the financial system integration? Choose 2 answers

2. What are two benefits an Integration Architect should consider when recommending web-to-lead? Choose 2 answers

3. Universal containers uses a legacy system to receive and handle Level 1 service requests, and Salesforce service Cloud for Level2 requests and above, Cases will be pushed from the legacy system to Service Cloud by a nightly batch process. Once the cases are closed in SF, the case needs to be updated in the legacy system as soon as possible.

How should the Technical Architect recommend that case status be updated in the legacy system?

4. Which two automated methods should an architect use to solve an issue with duplicate contacts? Choose 2 answers

5. Universal Containers has a trigger on the Order object to update the parent Acount with the date and time of the last closed Opportunity. An integration that inserts orders for the high-volume customers is failing periodically, with no obvious pattern to the timing of failures.

What could be the cause of this issue?

6. Universal Containers is building a native mobile application that queries and updates data in their Salesforce in real time

What statement is correct about the Salesforce APIs?

7. When making an Apex callout, what approach should an Integration Architect recommend for securely transporting sensitive data from Salesforce over an unsecure network connection?

8. Universal Containers has chosen Salesforce Wave as their Analytics Platform. There is a requirement to join data from multiple systems(including Salesforce) to be displayed in a single Wave Lens.

What should the Architect recommend?

9. Universal Containers (UC) is working with multiple partners to get lists of leads into the Lead aggregation system. These leads are imported into Salesforce as parot of a daily batch integration through the ETL tool. UC observed that may times, leads are duplicated, as they are sourced from different partners.

Which two options should an Architect recommend to improve data quality?

10. Universal Containers would like to update their accounting system every time an opportunity is changed to Closed-Won their accounting system occasionally is offline for 3­4 hours to support month-end processing, and they would like the integration design to ensure that no transactions are lost during this down time.

Which two integration designs should the architect consider? Choose 2 answers



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