What Are the Differences Between PDI and CRT Exams?



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When it comes to pursuing a career in the world of IT, especially in the Salesforce ecosystem, certifications are often a valuable asset. Two commonly discussed certification-related terms are PDI (Platform Developer I) and CRT (Certification Preparation courses).

PDI - Platform Developer I Certification

The Platform Developer I (PDI) certification is a coveted credential in the Salesforce ecosystem. It is designed for individuals who have a good grasp of Salesforce development fundamentals, including the creation of custom objects, Apex triggers, Visualforce pages, and more. Achieving this certification demonstrates your proficiency in developing applications on the Salesforce platform.

CRT - Certification Preparation Courses

Certification Preparation Courses, abbreviated as CRT, are preparatory courses offered by Salesforce to help candidates prepare for certification exams. These courses are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the topics covered in the certification exam, along with practice questions and hands-on exercises. However, it is essential to understand that CRT courses do not represent the actual certification exam. Instead, they serve as valuable study aids to help you get ready for the real thing.

Key Differences

1.Nature of Certification

  • PDI is the actual certification exam that assesses your skills and knowledge in Salesforce development.
  • CRT, on the other hand, is not a certification itself; it is a set of preparatory courses designed to assist you in your certification journey.


  • PDI certification tests your understanding of Salesforce development concepts through a series of questions and scenarios that you must answer within a specified time frame.
  • CRT courses provide comprehensive study material, including video lectures, practice quizzes, and hands-on exercises, to help you prepare for the certification exam.

3.Exam Questions

  • In the PDI certification exam, the questions are entirely distinct from those in CRT courses. The actual exam questions are designed to evaluate your real-world knowledge and skills.
  • CRT courses include practice questions, but these questions are meant for learning purposes only and do not appear on the PDI certification exam.


  • Taking the PDI certification exam typically involves a fee, which can be significant (often around $200).
  • CRT courses are also not free; they come with their own cost. However, it is important to note that CRT courses do not grant certification upon completion.


  • As mentioned in the introductory statement, CRT courses are typically recommended for individuals who feel they need additional preparation. If you are confident in your development skills and understanding of Salesforce, you may choose to skip CRT courses and go straight for the PDI certification exam, potentially saving money in the process.

In summary, PDI (Platform Developer I) is the actual Salesforce certification that validates your skills in Salesforce development. CRT (Certification Preparation courses), on the other hand, are preparatory courses provided by Salesforce to help you prepare for the certification exam. While CRT courses are valuable for some candidates, they are not a substitute for the actual certification. Ultimately, the choice between PDI and CRT depends on your confidence in your skills and your willingness to invest time and money in your Salesforce certification journey.


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