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Nutanix certification is a highly valuable and sought-after certification for IT professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and expertise. NCA-5.20 exam is specifically designed to validate the skills required to configure and maintain the Nutanix Certified Associate (NCA) platform, which is widely used by businesses around the world. These NCA-5.20 exam dumps questions are specifically designed to help you prepare for the exam by testing your knowledge and providing you with valuable insights into the types of questions that you will encounter. Test free Nutanix NCA-5.20 exam questions below.

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1. An administrator receives several alerts indicating a Nutanix cluster is running out of memory. As a preemptive measure, the administrator wishes to try to reduce the consumed resources, if possible.

Which two predefined views for Reporting best display potentially reclaimable resources? (Choose two.)

2. 1.What should an administrator do after a Protection Domain is migrated?

3. An administrator wants to deploy a virtual desktop solution on a Nutanix cluster and wants to use the existing production network segment. Due to security concerns, DHCP traffic is blocked on the upstream network switch.

How should the administrator proceed?

4. An administrator is concerned that a VM on a hybrid cluster with 8GB RAM and 4 vCPUs is performing poorly. An analysis of the VM indicates that CPU utilization is at 50%. Memory utilization is at 30%. and disk latency is at 18ms.

What can the administrator do to improve performance?

5. An administrator wants to copy some virtual machine disk files to ADSF from an external VMware ESXi host.

Which two actions should the administrator take to complete this task? (Choose two.)

6. A developer requests that a VM connects to a block device from an older ISCSI disk array, in order to support an application being transitioned to Nutanix.

What should the Nutanix administrator do to complete this task?

7. Which two entity types can be exported by an administrator who only has access to Prism Element? (Choose two.)

8. An administrator is unable to discover a Nutanix-hosted iSCSI block device allocated to a bare-metal host.

What is causing this issue?

9. Refer to the exhibit.

Management has tasked an administrator to restore the VM, VMforQuestion to a previous point in time (3:20pm), to recover from a corrupted set of files.

Which snapshot should the administrator choose, and which action(s) should be executed?

10. How should an administrator view the storage consumed by the recycle bin?



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