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Obtaining the Accredited Professional Certification Salesforce Communications Cloud certification can help you demonstrate your expertise in Salesforce solutions and advance your career in related industry. Using Salesforce Communications Cloud dumps as part of your study plan can help you identify knowledge gaps, improve your exam-taking skills, provide immediate feedback, and increase your chances of passing the Salesforce Communications Cloud exam. Salesforce Salesforce Communications Cloud exam free dumps questions are available below.

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1. Universal Container had been using Communication cloud CPQ and order management for their B2B use cases. One of the critical requirement was to send a router code to their downstream system. Sending the router code depends on certain condition *if the customer is moving the internet services and is eligible for router * if the customer is moving the internet service and did not have router before * if customer is renewing the internet service and did not have a router before.

Which three option should consultant recommend to meet the requirements above while optimizing order submission performance?

2. Fivercorp is migrating its operations from a legacy on-premise system to communication cloud. They have already migrated the account and product information, and are now planning to migrate the asset records and route of MACD processing to Salesforce by the end of the year.

Which two considerations should they take into accounts for this processing to be successful?

3. What are the 3 keys inputs used by order management to determine the output of MACD order.

4. UC is communications service provider using communication cloud. UC have one callout to the activation system per mobile services and then one calls out to the billing system per item decomposed.

How should consultant configure the orchestration to meet the requirement

5. A developer has modified the EPC price amount of one mobile device using the product designer from communication cloud. After the price have been changed the developer wants to check the previous EPC price amount to track pricing matrices and get some forecast matrices.

How can developer check the previous price amount on the mobile device?

6. Universal communication is a digital cable leader across the United States. They have started using communication cloud for the B2B use case. One of their new requirements is One time charge (OTCs) that depend on multiple factors. Some of the factors are account related while other factors are product related. They already use matrix based pricing for their recurring price that depends on different sets of properties on product and account.

What approach should consultant take to implement OTC within the existing matrix- based recurring pricing model?

7. Universal Connect (UC) sells several mobile devices to its customer. UC has several attribute like color, storage and screen size that are common across mobile devices. UC is looking for recommendation around efficiency them using SFI product catalog.

How should consultant model the product catalog for UC?

8. Universal containers is a communication service provider using communication cloud. A member of UC’s legacy- system IT team has provided a consultant with an extract of all the existing products from the legacy system and asked the consultant to migrate the data to communication cloud which two question should the consultant ask in this scenario to clarify the data migration strategy?

9. niversal containers (UC) is a communication service provider using commination cloud. UC negotiate customer specific pricing with a B2B customer, which will subsequently be used for the pricing order by thle customer, which two actions must a consultant take to meet this requirements?

10. UT required bulk ordering to be implemented in communication cloud base to capture order broadband speed to its customer and applying promotions.

Which two steps should consultant take to perform the impact assessment for bulk ordering in communication cloud



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