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The CRT-251 exam is hot, and passing it requires a deep understanding of Salesforce solutions. Practicing with Salesforce CRT-251 dumps questions can help you reinforce your knowledge and increase your chances of passing the exam. CRT-251 dumps are available to help you prepare for the CRT-251 exam. Using CRT-251 exam dumps questions is one effective way to supplement your study plan and increase your chances of success on exam day. Test free Sales Cloud Consultant CRT-251 exam dumps below.

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1. Sales managers at Cloud Kicks have noticed that information in some opportunity reports is incomplete. A consultant has performed an analysis and determined that opportunity stage reports often lack key information that sales managers expect at each stage because sales reps have yet to enter the data.

What should the consultant recommend so opportunity stage reports always contain the data managers expect?

2. The admin at Cloud Kicks needs to understand the adoption of Salesforce Files and multi-factor authentication.

What should a consultant recommend analysing adoption?

3. The Cloud Kicks admin is planning to deploy new functionality as part of its quarterly update process. The consultant has recommended completing the update outside of business hours to avoid impacting users.

Where should the consultant direct the admin to check for scheduled system maintenance?

4. A sales rep notices they can edit some opportunities associated with accounts they own, but is unable to edit other opportunities, although these are associated with accounts they own.

Which three reasons could explain the sales rep’s experience? Choose 3 answers

5. Cloud Kicks (CK) operates in multiple countries and wants to track historical exchange rates. The consultant at CX has implemented dated exchange rates by using Advanced Currency Management.

How is the converted currency amount calculation on Opportunities determined?

6. Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to migrate a data file containing 8,000 leads from a legacy system into Salesforce. Many of the lead owners have left the company, so CK wants to populate the Lead Owner field for these records using the active assignment rule.

Which two tools should a consultant recommend to meet the requirement? Choose 2 answers

7. Cloud Kicks has recently rolled out Lightning Experience and uses an ERP system as its system of record for customers. When a new Account has its first dosed/won opportunity, the ERP system should immediately update with information from the account, contact, and opportunity records related to the Account to record a new customer.

Which option should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?

8. A consultant is implementing a new Sales Cloud instance for Cloud Kicks (CK) that has a public sharing model for Accounts. Different sales reps own local Accounts that create a multi-level Account Hierarchy. CK needs to see the total number of closed won opportunities and the revenue value for all Accounts in the hierarchy when viewing 2 Parent Account.

Which recommendation meets this requirement?

9. Each product engineer at Cloud Kicks supports 3 specific product lines. There are three product lines. Sales reps sell all the company’s product lines; Sales management wants the appropriate product engineer automatically assigned to any new Opportunity for their product line with Read-Only rights.

What are two actions the consultant can take to meet the requirement? Choose 2 answers

10. Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to expand its use of Salesforce and start tracking orders on accounts. NTO has hired a consultant to complete the project.

Which two considerations should the consultant take into account when implementing sales orders? Choose 2 answers



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