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ARC-801 dumps questions can help you identify areas where you need to focus your studies. As you answer questions, you will be able to see which topics you are comfortable with and which ones you need to spend more time studying. Salesforce ARC-801 dumps questions provide realistic practice for the certification exam. ARC-801 dumps are designed to simulate the actual exam environment, and they will give you a chance to practice answering questions under time pressure. Study free Salesforce ARC-801 online dumps below.

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1. Northern Trail Outfitters (WO) is transforming its service experience. NTO has created a RACI matrix to understand the key stakeholders' responsibilities for activities and decisions during a Salesforce Field Service discovery workshop.

Which three NTO stakeholders should a Solution Architect recommend be defined as Consulted during the discovery workshop? Choose 3 answers

2. Universal Containers (UC) is about to complete an initial planning of a complex solution involving multiple customer personas. UC wants to ensure it has a comprehensive understanding of what kinds of business outcomes the customers want to achieve before presenting them a solution .

Which method of discovery should a Solution Architect suggest to UC?

3. Universal Containers (UC) is starting to go through an inventory of capabilities in regard to its many data warehouses. UC's data warehouses are currently being provided with data from OMS, ERP, Accounting, and other inventory management systems. Data warehouses are utilized by those systems for storage or analytics purposes.

UC plans to utilize the Systems of Engagement framework to classify its systems based on how they will be utilized within the enterprise architecture. UC would like to understand which systems it should directly integrate with versus utilizing the data warehouses where that data may also be stored.

How should a Solution Architect classify the data warehouses as systems within the enterprise architecture of this scenario?

4. At Custom Cabinets LLC, the service appointments often span over multiple days bot are 2 to 4 hours in duration per day. The company would like to optimize the service resource's day and have them see as many customers as possible. Additionally, Custom Cabinets LLC would like a customer service representative to follow up with the customer once the field work has been completed .

Which approach should the Solution Architect take to meet these requirements?

5. Universal Containers (UC) recently completed its migration to Lightning Experience, with sales users automatically moving to Lightning. This initiative was a massive undertaking by UC, as it had a tremendous amount of legacy functionality migrated over to Lightning from Classic. The CIO would like to make sure that UC is able to track adoption of the migrated functionality over from Classic to Lightning and what specifically was migrated.

Which two proposals should a Solution Architect recommend? Choose 2 answers

6. AC Computers is getting ready to go live with automated subscription invoicing using Sales Cloud and Revenue Cloud. AC Computers' primary goal is to retire its homegrown system used for manual invoicing and migrate any outstanding bookings. The company wants to make sure there is little disruption to a customer's current invoicing schedule when it goes live with Salesforce Billing and retires the existing system.

Which three recommendations should a Solution Architect make to reduce customer impact? Choose 3 answers

7. P&C Hardware is a large manufacturer of computer components and already has an extensive Salesforce technology stack including MuleSoft, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Field Service, as well as Shield capabilities. P&C Hardware is in the process of launching an online store based on Salesforce technology that's supposed to go live in 6 weeks. P&C Hardware needs to analyze performance to identify bottlenecks and optimize the configuration using its agile process with weekly releases. So far, P&C Hardware has covered similar requirements for other technologies using a third-party monitoring and alerting tool it deployed in the cloud.

What are two viable options a Solution Architect should explore in more detail with the client? Choose 2 answers

8. Universal Containers (UC) is currently using Sales Cloud, Revenue Cloud, Experience Cloud, and B2B Commerce. B2B Commerce and Experience Cloud are used for UC's end customers while the direct Sales team sells with partners through Revenue Cloud. However, partners want to work digitally versus through email.

The direct Sales team has asked the CIO how they can expose their Revenue Cloud capabilities to their partners and vendors using Salesforce. The CIO knows they are currently using B2B Commerce for customers and is wondering if they can do something similar for partners by exposing CPQ capabilities in Experience Cloud for partners.

What are two questions a Solution Architect should ask when evaluating either B2B Commerce or CPQ for partners via Experience Cloud? Choose 2 answers

9. Universal Containers has recently provided its call center team the ability to troubleshoot issues coming from its B2B Commerce customers. Currently, the team utilises Service Cloud and, specifically, the Service Console. The CIO s concern is now different the experience will be as it relates to B2B Commerce for Visualforce versus what the team sees today within the Service Console.

Which recommendation should the Solution Architect voice to the CIO to ensure higher adoption by the call center team?

10. Universal Containers (UC) currently has Sales Cloud, Revenue Cloud, and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement within its existing Salesforce environment and is utilizing a standard Lead to Cash solution across those clouds. UC is 2 years into its Salesforce implementation, and the CIO is getting concerned with the sheer amount of data affecting its environment's data limits.

IT is doing upkeep on older records that may no longer be relevant. They have decided to start looking at data archival strategies and what to archive correctly. Given that this solution involves Leads from Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, Opportunities from Sales Cloud, and Quotes from Revenue Cloud, they are concerned about archiving related data on active sales pipelines. They also want to keep a historical snapshot of all of their Quotes, Opportunities, and Leads for future pipeline performance purposes and are open to options. Choose 2 answers



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