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If you are looking to take your career in Nutanix SE Academy to the next level, the NCSE Core certification is an excellent option. To prepare for the NCSE Core exam, you need to have a deep understanding of Nutanix products and how to configure them. The best way to prepare for the exam is by using NCSE Core exam dumps questions, which give you a better understanding of the format of the exam. This will help you become familiar with the types of questions you can expect on the actual NCSE Core exam, and it will give you a chance to practice your test-taking skills. Test free online NCSE Core exam dumps questions below.

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1. An SE is performing workload discovery with an SMB prospect running SQL Server. The databases is less than 1 TB, but its performance and uptime are critical to the prospect's business operations. Sizer sugests using 1065S nodes.

Which aspects of the NX-1065S-G5 would cause an SE to filter out that nodel from Sizer's Automatic configuration? (choose two.)

2. An SE is working with a financial institution prospect on a VDI environment refresh. The institution currently has 5000 named VDI users, with a peak of 2800 concurrent users.

How many VDI VMs does the SE need to size for, factoring in an additional 10% for growth?

3. A customer has deployed Nutanix with Esxi for VDI workloads and is considering Nutanix for a major server virtualization project. The customer is running z/Virtual Machine today for a mission critical workload and would like to consider Nutanix as a potential platform.

Which reason would currently disqualify this prospect as an opportunity?

4. An administrator finds that home shares cannot be configured in a new Files 3.5 deployment.

Why is this happening?

5. During an initial meeting with a prospect the storage administrator learns that Nutanix does not use RAID for application data. The prospect's storage array is configured with RAID 10 and the full capacity of the array is required. As a result no hot spares have been allocated. The storage administrator must respond immediately to any disk failures, even outside standard business hours.

Which aspect of Nutanix replication factor (RF) will reduce the storage administrator's break/fix burden?

6. Refer to Exhibit.

An administrator increases the cluster RF to 3. The containers are not modified.

What will the new values in the data resiliency dashboard be for FAILURES TOLERABLE for the Zookeeper and Extent Groups components?

7. An administrator needs to relocate an AHV cluster to a new datacenter during a maintenance windows. The cluster will use the same IPs in the new datacenter.

Which two steps should be taken to prepare for this task? (Choose Two)

8. Refer to the exhibit.

Assuming a prospect is currently using Thick Provisioned virtual disk, at a minimum, which two tabs should be evaluated in an RVTools report to determine required resources for sizing? (Choose two.)

9. During a sales motion with a new prospect, the prospect asks to do a POC so they can experience Nutanix in their environment.

What is the most important item the SE must have in place with the prospect before moving forward with a POC?

10. A prospect is concerned about the suitability and design of using Nutanix for an upcoming Avaya IP Office migration.

Which type of document should the SE provide?



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